Dana Lang for BART Board: A Transportation Professional and an Advocate

For the past 24 years, I’ve devoted my life to transportation funding and policy, securing the funds that keeps our trains and buses moving.

I’m running for BART Board, because trust in the system is at an all time low. I’m a transportation professional, not a politician. I have an understanding of transportation budgets and funding opportunities, and I want to use my knowledge to improve safety, cleanliness, reliability, and fiscal solvency at BART.

Let’s face it: BART is facing a fiscal cliff. The system needs forward-thinking leadership to weather this storm. At this critical juncture for the system, we need a transportation funding expert looking out for us.

I bring decades of experience securing money for transportation. I know how to locate and advocate for regional, state, and federal resources to move BART toward a path of financial sustainability so that we can maintain critical jobs and resources.

-Dana Lang, Candidate for BART Board

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